Modelling and lifting foundation
For mature skin 30+
The foundation enables to achieve a young and fresh look. It perfectly conceals all skin imperfections and ensures an impeccable make-up adapting to the type of skin, while looking natural. Microsponges absorb the excess of sebum and prevent skin shine making it perfectly matte.

Active components:
Lifting Polymer – optically smoothes wrinkles
The polymer consists of tiny flat molecules which fill wrinkles and reflect the light directly, therefore the wrinkles are less visible, facial features are gentler and skin is smoother Silicon and Magnesium - support the production of collagen and elastin, making skin firmer and tauter

Vitamins A, C and E – fight free radicals, provide skin with all necessary components and enhance its color

Provitamin B5 – moisturizes, regenerates and soothes irritations

Glycerine – binds the water in the epiderm, which enhances the elasticity of skin