absolu revelation

Transparent Matte Powder with vitamins (A,C,E)
For normal and mixed skin
It is ideal as make-up finish as well as for making alternations. It levels the colour and assures even complexion. Thanks to the micronization of the powder components it is very light and practically imperceptible on skin. It leaves a natural matte finish. It does not accumulate in wrinkles and does not overload skin.

serie C Illuminating and Covering Powder For dry and normal skin It combines the velvety smoothness of powder and concealing properties of foundation, makes skin gain a healthy glitter. Being light-reflecting, it optically evens out any skin irregularities or even minor wrinkles. The combination of creamy and powder consistency does not require the use of foundation. The powder is enriched with bee-wax, which moisturizes skin and prevents it from drying.